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Dashboard manager

The module vs.dashboardmanager enables administrators to supply preconfigured dashboards to users. Templates are used to assign portlets to members' dashboards. This module was developed within the Immanuel Diakonie Group project (welfare organisation) and is now available to the Plone community under the GPL.

Manager for personal dashboards

Use the dashboard management option from the Plone control panel or add @@dashboard-manager to the URL of the Plone site to see the dashboard manager. It will list the available dashboards.

dashboard manager for personal pages

The dashboard manager shows all templates used for dashboards. When installed from scratch it should say "No portletpage template available".


Create a new dashboard manager from the standard "Add" drop-down menu in the folder contents view. It is a standard content-type and available anywhere on the site.

Provide title, description and body text. This will be shown above the portlets the dashboard manager will contain later. Save.

Add some portlets (using the Portlets tab). The portlets are left as-is and may be configured to your liking. You may add up to four portlets here.

personal dashboard for editors

A template for dashboards allows to attach portlets in all four columns.


Assigning portlets

assigning portlets in vs.dashboardmanager

These portlets can now be assigned to members' or user groups' dashboards. Push the portlet into the dashboard of a user or a group using the assigments tab of the dashboard manager. Pick a Plone group from the drop-down field or type the name of an individual user and push the button "Assign portlets to dashboard(s)".

Log in as a user that had a dashboard manager assigned to visit the /dashboard. It should show the portlets you assigned.

If the is not what you expect check the criteria by which your portlets show their content. I.e., the events portlet may show published events only, etc.

A portlet page is a page containing portlets as its content and can not be assigned to users or roles, but behaves like a normal page. Add portlets using the Portlets tab. The portlets are left as-is and may be configured to your liking. You may add up to four portlets here.

Delete portlet assignments

delete portlet assignments

It is also possible to display individual users' dashboards and delete specific portlets from their dashboard pages.

Use cases

  • Intranets providing large amounts of information for employees, only a fraction of which is relevant to one single employee. This way members of a team are informed about recent changes in their work environment.
  • Extranets, collecting specific information for external partners.

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