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Efficient usage

Using Plone is not only simple but also very efficient.

Dynamic reloading of elements

With the in-view Plugin you can load comments or similar elements located at the end of a page. The plugin allows to load elements the moment they are to be displayed. This has the following advantages:

  • readers are shown the full content if they actually want to read it
  • initial page loading times can be reduced considerably
  • if AJAX is being used to display dynamic elements on a page the static elements may be cached much better, especially if those additional elements carry personalized data. This again helps to reduce load times.


Using jQuery Fullcalendar you may interactively switch between monthly, weekly and daily views. The same way you may browse into the past or future. Take my public events as an example: Events.


Views of tabular data may be interactively changed by using the jQuery plugin Flexigrid. Key features include:

  • interactive filtering für table contents
  • multicolumn sorting with data type recognition
  • change the column width interactively
  • fully localizable (l10n)

As an example for an interactively changeable HTML table see the News.

Mobile devices

This demosite is now conveniently read and displayed by the usual browsers of smartphones and tablets.

The optimization für mobile devices specifically includes the following aspects:

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