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Web forms

Logged in users can easily create web forms and extend the website's functionality

Using the web form module editors can conveniently create web forms and attach them to any spot within the website's structure. Forms are freely configurable and can be connected to workflows - so establishing Employee Self Services (ESS) can easily be done.

Using the portal's user and permissions management each generated form can be restricted to certain users only. The permissions for accessing forms can be configured to be as fine-grained as they can for any other permission within the portal.

Creating web forms on the intranet

Despite numerous options creating web forms is rather simple: after adding a so-called web form folder it is attached to the location where the editor is at (surf & edit principle). To this web form folder you can add any imaginable fields and functions needed for creating a web form. You can add multiline fields for formattable text, multiselect fields, date fields and true/false fields. Every single one of those may have additional attributes such as title, tooltip text, default values and validators. Form content may be send via e-mail, and an export function allows for data use in Excel or other spreadsheet software.

Employee Self Services (ESS)

Which forms you need naturally depends on the exact requirements for your intranet or employee portal. A typical use case are so-called employee self services, allowing you to delegate administrative tasks to your employees. This could extend to forms used for holiday, business and procurement requests.

This way your intranet nonchalantly turns into a "form server", saving time and hassle for your employees. Connecting such employee self services to pre-existing systems for holiday planning etc. is often fairly easy due to the open export format.

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