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Organizational charts

Using almost any organization including its institutions, departments and employees may be represented within a Plone site. Even complex organizational structures can be made accessible and displayed, structered by business area, specialization and region.

Features offers the following content types:


Telephone numbers
An institution can hold an arbitrary number of telephone numbers.


The vocabulary for descriptions can be assigned such that common declarations telephone, fax and mobile can be used, as well as reception, ward and others.

Vokabular für Telefonnummern

Each number may be marked as externally visible. This way it is possible to administer internal numbers in, even if the page for the institution is published.


Any number of addresses may be assigned to an institution. Provide details of street address, P.O. box, a delivery address and others.


The first address given is used to generate a map using Google maps services. If the automatic mapping is not precise enough you may provide geo coordinates.

With the generated map you may also display directions in RichText.


An optional photograph or image of the institution is also helpful.

Business area

Any institution may show its business area. Editors may administer the business area vocabulary.


Employees of an institution are referenced from entries in an employee folder. The order of employees is freely assignable.


Telephone numbers

A department can hold an arbitrary number of telephone numbers, described by custom vocabulary. Each number may be marked as externally visible.

Building section / floor / room no.

Departments are always part of an institution, so have no address of their own. Instead you provide building section, floor or room number details.


Any department may be assigned a specialization.



Any employee can be described using

* Position
* Salutation
* Title (academic or other)
* Firstname
* Middle name
* Surname
* Telephone numbers
* Email
* Portrait
* Notes

Again, any number of telephone number is possible. Each may carry arbitrarily assigned vocabulary for description.

For each employee a business card in vcard format is generated that can be imported into address books and contacts.


The organization view makes specific institutions and departments accessible using their business areas, specializations and regions.
Overview page of all institutions

All institutions are listed by their business area.

Übersichtsseite nach Einrichtungen

Overview page by department

Another overview page lists all departments by specialization.

Übersichtsseite nach abteilungen


  • Institution portlet


This portlet shows name and image of the institution, the addresses linking to Google maps, the telephone numbers and employees.

  • Department portlet


Very similar to the institution portlet, showing building section, floor and room number instead of an address.

  • Similar institutions, similar departments

Ähnliche Einrichtungen

Shown in the context of an institution, this portlet provides other institutions sharing the same business area. In the same way, a portlet shows other departments having the same specialization.

Employee search

Searching for employees is using the employee's surnames. This search can be adapted to specific institutions.

Use cases

  • Websites of organizations having a complex organizational structure.
  • Intranets and extranets that are used by employees and/or partner organizations who need to find contact information quickly.

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