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Welcome to the Plone DemoSite
Area for members' personal objects.
Efficient usage
Using Plone is not only simple but also very efficient.
Web forms
Logged in users can easily create web forms and extend the website's functionality
Task management
The task management module supports your quality management and service level agreements
Dashboard manager
The module vs.dashboardmanager enables administrators to supply preconfigured dashboards to users. Templates are used to assign portlets to members' dashboards. This module was developed within the Immanuel Diakonie Group project (welfare organisation) and is now available to the Plone community under the GPL.
Organizational charts
Using almost any organization including its institutions, departments and employees may be represented within a Plone site. Even complex organizational structures can be made accessible and displayed, structered by business area, specialization and region.
Authoring environment
Produce & Publish Authoring Environment

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